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Picta Control Panel has been launched, but most of it doesnt work. You can access it by logging in.

Welcome to Picta

100% Awesome - 100% Free

Picta is a fast, free image hosting service written entirely in PHP. Everything is optimised to run flawlessly so you can upload in seconds.

Get started below or click the arrows to find out more. You can check out the blog for the latest release notes and updates.


About Picta

Picta was originally launched in 2014 under a different name (MGN.XYZ), however it was completely redesigned and so needed a new name! Lots of time has gone into making Picta brilliant, and I hope you think it's awesome.

It's simple to use and runs flawlessly. Everything just works. Whether you're uploading company images for your website, or simply uploading memes to send to your friends, Picta gets the job done.

With SSD storage and top of the range security, you can be sure your images are safe and happy with Picta. There's even a desktop app to make things easier.

Picta is 100% free and I don't run ads. If you want, you can buy me a coffee!


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